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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  March 19, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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they're all gone. maybe i'll get one. [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one. you can't have the same car as me, gary! i'm gettin' one. nope! [ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today. >> we heard a crash. and then like 5 seconds later we heard a gunshot. >> sky 7 hd was over the scene where undercover officers shot and killed a man following a brief chase tonight. good evening everyone. >> i'm dan. all went down very quickly tonight. undercover cops spotted stolen car. it ended in gun fire at jeralyn
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drive and em rick avenue. allen is there live tonight. take us through what happened. >>reporter: investigators still tracing every step that took place behind me. now there were several vehicles involved here including some unmarked police cars. but the one you weren't to pay attention to is a white 2 door honored a.that's the one police say almost ran over an officer just before that officer opened fire. . sky 7 hd over the scene shortly after it happened at 6:45 this evening. police say san jose officers on special task force in plain clothes and driving unmarked vehicles were working a separate case when they spot add white 2 door honda that turned out to be stolen. neighbors say there was quake chase. >> we heard 3 cars come around ice cream truck really fast so we all came out of our houses. >>reporter: santa clare county sheriff's department says the driver of the stolen white honda threw it in reverse. >> suspect rammed 2 officer
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vehicle in reverse. accelerated forward. hit a parked car that was in the area. one of the officers at that time had already got out of the vehicle. that's when the suspect again tried to accelerate at high speed to the officer and officer opened fir fire. >> surrounded a car didn't hear anything like put your hands up or anything. just just heard 2 quick shots. pop pop. >>reporter: but police say the undercover officer fired only one shot. streaking the driver in the head and killing him. witness wondered if the suspect knew they were undercover police. >> he was clear the suspect knew because they did put the lights siren on in attempt to stop the vehicle right before the suspect tried to ram the 2 police vehicles. subsequently tried to accelerate and run over an officer. >>reporter: identity of that dead driver has not been released. there was also a passenger involved. police say he is being considered a witness and he's cooperate with
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police tonight. reporting live in santa clara county, abc 7 news. >> thank you allen. >> developing news out of livermore we are learning disturbing new details about chilled care center abruptly shut down by state regulators on friday. universal preschool in livermore. department of social services relessed the list of violation today including improper swaddling of children. lillian is in livermore with reaction. lillian? >>reporter: carolyn this is the first day that parents did not bring their children here. from what we have learned state workers discovered most of the violations during unannounced visits. >> at this point kind of feel like you let your kids down you know. >>reporter: kevin says he should have done more homework. universal present school in livermore formerly sunny side infant preschool shut down by state regulators on friday. came as surprise to albert who enrolled his son two months ago. >> i toured a lot of facilitie facilities. this looked like
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one of the better ones. clea cleanliness and everything and organization looked great. >>reporter: state regulator seek to revoke their license permanently. they say they found a number of violences. among them an infant sleeping in a high chair. worker without a proper background check. more children than what the school is licensed to care for and the improper restraining of children. investigators actually showed some of the parents photo of the baby swaddle with blanket tied around the body and another around the ankle. >> trying to find out the whole time if it happened to my child and they can't say with 100 percent certainty that it did happen to him but we are fairly certain it didn't. but nobody can say for sure. >>reporter: universal director an employee are name in the complaint. state regulators are look to go ban them from working at any child care center licensed by them. our attempt to reach the pair have been unsuccessful. parents have been able to get through. >> they have always been very nice to me until this incident happened and then it's just been lie after lie when you
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call them trying to get refunds and suddenly i never worked here. only work part time. i don't know what you are talking about. >>reporter: livermore police have assigned 2 detectives to this case. they are still interviewing parents but at this point they say they haven't fcriminal. live in liv, abc 7 news. >> lillian thank you. >> we are following breaking news out of san francisco right now where emergency crew are at suspected meth lab. this is happening at home on tap drive near lake merced and you can see in thisw3 live picture that police just took man away in handcuffs. we are told the crews are waiting for hazardous material team to arrive to deal with the chemical inside the property. >> talk about the weather for a moment. second driest start to year on record for san jose. but rain is coming. sandhya is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. guess what has developed in the last couple hours. we have some sprinkle right now. the sprivrj have been around ukiah as we take
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you closer here. trace amounts reported it's he vab ateing. take you to other parts of the region here we see some very light returns around tiburon. beach road. so very few sprinkles around the region. can't rule them out as you look at the satellite and radar, the storm is just off the coast line. i'll let you know when the steady rain will arrive. how long you will need the umbrella and exactly how much rain you will receive. caroly carolyn. >> all right thank you see you shortly sandhya. >> former santa clara county supervisor is a convicted felon tonight. in court today he pleaded guilty to 12 charges connected to miss spending taxpayer money. prosecutors say the veteran politician used public money campaign funds for golf outings and gambling. district attorney is seeking one year jail sentence. he's also barred from ever holding public office again in california. >> shock and heart break
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tonight after teenager race car driver crashed killing 2 peopl people. 14-year-old marcus johnson died after his 17-year-old cousin chase drove into the crowd on saturday. marcus friends tell abc 7 news he loved racing as well and they say he was well liked. those who know the january son family say they are very close. >> it will be very difficult for them to to peculiar up the pieces and move on. they will because they are strong people but it will be hard. >> never mean. never rude. always said nice things. talked basketball a lot. we also would talk about basketball shoes. he loved shoes a lot. >>reporter: nice kid everybody says. 68-year-old dale wonder jam of grass valley also died in this accident. crash investigators now focusing on possible faulty steering wheel. >> new at 11:00. fremont police lacking for brazen thief who stole 25,000 dollars worth of copper wire. taken from pg&e storage yard on boyce road early sunday. police say man
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took forklift from nearby construction site then drove through the storage yard fencing. he loaded up the fork wlivt a 5600 pound spool of copper wire. dropped it open to his pickup truck and drove off. >> alameda county food bank afraid it will run out of fad by the ep of the week. that bad. many of the shelves are empty at berkeley fad pantry whichi relies heavily on the county food bank for donation. do mandy is expected to rise in the next week when children are home for spring break. but fewer donation and huge fundraising short fall has left food bank 3000 donation barrels empty. they are asking anyone who cap donate to did so medley. we have a link on our web site under see it on tv if you can help. >> vatican is defending the pope that he cooperated in the military government in the 1970's argentina government. the president there has been out spoken critic of same sex
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marriage and free contraceptio contraception. human rights activist caused the pope of turning blind eye of former military rejaime but the vatican call the charges slanderous. the pope will be installed in less than 2 hours. we will carry the installation ceremony live beginning at 1 12:50 in the morning. also have leif streaming coverage of the mass that follows at abc 7 at 1:30 am. >> coming up here next exploratorium concert cut shor short. >> she was serious. people in the audience were screaming. stop it please people started walking out. >> san francisco night club pulls the plug on a sinker for the first time in its history. what she said that stirred so so many people up got them to get up and leave. >> are you kidding me? you have no clue what you are doing. >> fireworks outside of court following lindsay lohan sentencing. why her dad was so fewer with us an attorney. >> and the world tiniest
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>> gay slur made at famous san francisco night club making news across the country. singer song writer michelle went on rant during a show last might that led more than half the audience to walk out. tonight show goers still outraged and the singer already paying appraise. john is here with the story. >> fans of my shell were simply expecting to enjoy one of the favorite singers but instead they walked out in disgust about an hour that the music. and she did something it never did before. it stopped a show. ♪ there's one thing. >>reporter: starting in the 80's michelle shock built a reputation as alternative folk singer later became a born
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again christian. last night on this stage in san francisco, she developed a new reputation in just minutes. >> yes, i was offended. >>reporter: james patterson among the 200 patrons who watch the singer launch into anti-gay rant. >> that when they stop proposition 8 and priest are forced at gun point to marry gay people, then that will lead to the downfall of civilization and jesus will return. >>reporter: employee at the club were stunned. marketing director lisa got a call at home about shock was saying. >> hypocracy of the bible. talking about the rap tourist coming. the end of days are hear. and she said god hates. >>reporter: singer then used an anti-gay slur. >> she said you can retweet. that encouraged the audience.
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yes. >>reporter: the artistic director also got a call and pulled the plug on the act. >> my immediate reaction was turn off the microphone out the lights and please get her off the stage. this can not happen anywhere especially in this day and age and most assuredly in san francisco. >> yes. what she said was if hurt and i hope she can get some help. >>reporter: the club says it's not paying her and patron will get a voucher for another show. the tavern in novato cancelled upcoming show and cancelled in santa cruz, portland and chicago. we have been unable to reach the singer for a comment. dan. >> okay interesting thanks very much. >> lindsay lohan headed to rehab today. in court she pleaded no contest to charges stemming from minor accident last june. try to get the video up for you. going to keep her out of jail however lohan will spend 90 days in
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locked down rehab facility. her lawyer said that he's pleased with the outcome. her father was not. he doesn't trust her lawyer and confronted him outside the courthouseth listen. >> he is no good. he didn't tell my daughter what was going on. he just wants to use my daughter as a way to get his name in the paper. >> that's more important than anything. >> you are not talking you let go. let go. leave my daughter alone. stay out of the press. >> meek 8. you are a parasite. >>reporter: lohan must are proof she's in treatment in may if not in rehab the judge says she will go to jail. >> new at 11 tonight. warning about diet bars that may contaminated with salmonella. here they are. pro amino international and recalled its pro diet high protein chocolate dream bar. they are sold 7 bars per package if you have seen these with sell by date of
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august 2015. a lot code of cr 1813 b. no illness reported at least not yet. >> world smallest medical microscope making impact in efforts to detect cancer. take a look. microscope less than 1/10th of an inch in diameter. about the thicknesses of 2 pe pennies. the video can magnify the view in the bodies more than 10 times to examine inindividual cells and spot cancer early. device now being used to california pacific medical center in san francisco. >> that's unbelievable. >> all right let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. rain on the way. >> let's check in now with sandy. >> we need the rain. much-needed rain. see here in just a moment live doppler 7 hd writ now showing you the moisture. not all of this is actually reaching the ground. most of this is actually evaporating benefit hits the ground too dry. some areas reporting sprinkle. no vote 0has had some so far. bay bridge and visibility looks
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fine here exploratorium 50 degrees. san carlos 54. 53 in san jose. look from high definition mountain tamalpiais camera it's breezy and you can see the fog. it's around half moon bay and some parts of san francisco the western part especially. santa rosa right now 50 degrees. 52 in livermore. here's what is coming. cloudy tonight. few sprinkle still possible. rain tuesday night going into wednesday and spring arrives wednesday morning at 4:02. here's pacific satellite picture and you can see here's the storm. just over the pacific right now but we are seeing plenty of high clouds cover before the rain and even few sprinkles in some sports is a just mentioned. show you the computer animation tonight a lot of cloud cover and then at 5:00 a.m. clouds start to break up a little bit. we get a little gap in the clouds but then it quickly changes as you will notice. rain arrives for the start of the evening rush hour tuesday at 5:00 p.m. rain
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continues really as we head into our overnight hours wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. we will have a good portion of the bay area covered in wet weather. rain will continue at noon time around the heart of the bay area wednesday and then the showers pretty much taper quickly behind he it. >> through 11:00 p.m. wednesday we look at in terms of rain fall up to inch in the north bay mountains. south bay getting the least 5 hundredths. central bay quarter tore half inch of rain. here's how far behind we are san francisco over 5 and a half inches away prosecute where you should be for this time of year. san jose needs another close to 4 inches. oakland about 5 and a half and check out santa rosa. need close to 6 and a half inches to make up for where you should be for this time of year. just to put things in perspective exploratorium so far the second driest start to a year so far only just over 2 inches of rain. all time record is 2.9 8 for january
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through march. we are not really expecting 94 hundredths of inch of rain for san francisco so we may end up with all time record for san francisco when all said and done we have to wait until the end of the month. we'll find out. first thing in the morning temperatures in the 40's. see some cloud cover around and in the afternoon we look at temperatures ranging from 59 in half man bay to 71 in livermore. mildest readings inland along the coast and bay. mostly 60's. clear lake 64 degrees and you will be the first to see the rain. look at my accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain tomorrow evening. rain continues on wednesday and the morning switching over to showers for the early afternoon then dry now to windy thursday milder weather as we head into the weekend with low to mid 70's inland. 50's coast side. 7 news has another great weather resource for to you follow. live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. kind posted here. >> shame we started off earlier with about this. >> we did. december was really
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wet. and we thought all right we are doing well then january dried out february dried out and here we are in march we are still wait snooing thanks sandhya. >> all right let's talk warriors basketball. >> larry here with that. >> nasty game tonight. this is what warrior fans an coaches have been waiting for all season. bogus being bogus. big man shows newspaper a big big man shows newspaper a big way in new orleans
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>> good evening. 69 games that the season and the real andrew bogus finally arrives. at least one night any way. ankle back problems were gone and bogus was a force in new orleans. let's start with some defense. robin lopez. learn to live with rejection. perhaps you didn't hear me. andrew said get out. now we see flash of this every game from harrison barns. this which is authority. dunking in traffic. check out the evident from bogus. drill to himself 8 points. 9 rebounds for block. nice pass behind the back. seth on fire. that was 30
12:27 am
points on the night. catch and shoot from way out. warriors win 93-72. finish the road trip in san antonio haven't won since carolyn was a small chil child. lebron james. not that long ago. miami heat in search of the 23rd straight win in boston tonight. look out. this is about push. i'm losing my voice. insanity. that was nasty. on terri there. jeff green had 43 for the celts in the absence of kg. tied at 103. seconds left. king james. man he's good. 37 points. streak continues. 23 in a row. second longest in nba history. 105-103 the final. [ screaming] sanford women basketball team get the top seed in the division and that game on sunday afternoon. for the cal women seeded second
12:28 am
right behind stanford in the west. pack 12 co-champ with the cardinal open up against fresno state in texas this saturday. 28 and 3 this seaso season. 2 seed is the best in program history. sought shark fighting for play off spot. no consistency at all facing best in the west. from anaheim. duck just do not lose at home. 12 straight wins. look at the passing here. this is hockey. tick tack toe. goal by peter. 34 seconds later. former shark to emerson. 3-1. todd tries the pep talk. unsuccessful. shark power play the duck. get a shorty. brian there 3 goals 2 minutes 46 seconds for anaheim 5-3 win sharks lost 6 of 7. row, row, stroke, into the cove of. that was coach and squad from the netherlands 1 nothing lead before the dominican republic exploded for 4 runs in the fifth. driving
12:29 am
in and 4-1 final. dominican republic against puerto rico in tomorrow night final of the wbc at the park. brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks larry. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.


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